Can the Double Bubble Look Be Corrected Temporarily with Fat Grafting? (photo)

I have double bubble on my left breast.It's not an extremely visible case but it is annoying. My dr. suggested that he can temporarily correct this with fat grafting or Macrolane (he suggested fat transfer as a better method...injecting fat on top of the crease that appears) Will this help? I am not ready for another operation, i prefer to try this as a temporary fix.

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Can the Double Bubble Look Be Corrected Temporarily with Fat Grafting?

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Yes based upon the posted photo. Expert fat grafting and multiple incision release can aid. Best to seek in person evaluations. 

Double bubble and fat grafting

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Fat grafting may help camouflage the double bubble a bit, but the  better treatment would be  to resuspend the fold and maybe use smaller implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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How to fix the "double bubble"

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Although fat grafting may help to improve the "double bubble" look, the definitive treatment would be to reestablish the inframammary fold using a technique called capsulorrhaphy. This will require a surgical procedure which includes re incising the breast along the inframammary fold and tacking the capsule down to the chest wall that holds the implant in place.  This will lift the implant back up into position and diminish the appearance of the “double bubble.” Sometimes, a material called Strattice can be used in conjunction with this technique.  Strattice is a sheet of sterile tissue derived from porcine (pig) skin that can be sewn into the inferior portion of the capsule to act as an internal support bra for the implant to prevent it from sliding out of place in the future.  These are all options to discuss with your surgeon. Best wishes.

Double bubble fix with a fat graft

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The double bubble is caused by the implant pushing out of the skin envelope of the breast, literally the breast sits on top of the implant rather that the implant fitting within. Over time the skin envelope can relax for some and the breast and implant work together as one. For others the skin on the abdomen below give in to the pressure and the bubble persists. The issue is skin laxity or lack of, and not cover which a fat graft provide, so our bet would be no.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Correction of "double bubble" after breast implants with fat transfer

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Correction of "double bubble" after breast implants with fat transfer sounds like a novel (new) approach.  I do not think most plastic surgeons have much if any experience with it, but if yours does, and can SHOW you lasting (more than a few months) results than I would consider it.  Most of us would recommend restoring the integrity of the IMF (inframammary fold, the crease under the breast) with a technique called "capsulorrhaphy" and nowadays I am inclined to add a supportive "sling" of tissue to support the suture repair.  Long story short, I am not sure about the fat injections.  Please keep us all updated with a post either way.  Thank you.

Fat Grafting to the Breast

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Fat Grafting to the breast can be a valuable way to place soft tissue around the edges of a breast implant, including a double bubble look.  It is however a real surgery, both in the harvesting of the fat by liposuction and the injecting of it in the breast and chest region.  I cannot tell from your photographs whether that would be a good choice for you.  It may be that a revision of the pocket might be a better choice. 

Mary Lee Peters, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant

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Surgical repair is far superior. Though it requires good expertise to correct implant displacement.

Fat grafting may interfere in future repair.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Correction of “Double Bubble”?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

If your plastic surgeon can demonstrate significant experience/success with this technique then it may be a viable and probably temporary “fix”.

In my practice, I would suggest repair of the breast implant pocket (capsulorrhaphy)  when the time is right for you.

Best wishes.

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