The Dosage of Accutane Matters?

I wonder if there is any difference bettwen doages. Will my acne clear quicker if the dose it's lets say 80mg/day ? I'm taking 20mg daily because of a bad breakout my derm put my on prednisone and reduce my dose from 40mg daily to 20mg daily , but my acne is so much worse now , at this low dose 20mg per day I will see result slower if I was on 80mg day?

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Dosage of Accutane

There are a lot of factors with dosages. I start most patients on 20mg and go up to 40mg. I also live in Las Vegas and 80mg would make people's skin here intolerable. So you can't just take more to make it all go faster - it won't work that way depending on your body and your environment.

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