The Doctor Cheated Me on my Nose Job. I Don't Have $ for Revisionary. What Can I Do?

I told the doctor exactly what happened when my nose took a direct hit some years ago. I made it very well known this was my top priority and showed/told him over and over again that this was my main reason for getting the nose job. After the nose job he did not correct what i had stressed was my main reason for getting the nose job. I knew from the moment the cast came off that he did not correct it at all. He is a surgeon on this site too. I want justice! What can i do? I need revisionary surg

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My permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty

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My permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty may be able to fix or improve your problem if there are residual concavities or assymmetries (at 75% less cost and hastle).  You can send me your front and profile pictures and/or visit my website: for further information.

Nyack Facial Plastic Surgeon

Unhappy after rhinoplasty

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Hi there If you felt able to put some pre and postop pictures up it would be possible to comment more specifically about your concerns. How long postop are you? If the concern you have is a problem with width of the nose then it might very well be swelling only. Pix will help you get good advice and without them we can only offer very general comments. Good luck.

Communication pitfalls in rhinoplasty

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Problems can occur during rhinoplasty consultation when terms blur or are poorly understood. Misunderstanding happens on both sides with patients hearing what they hope, and surgeons planning the solution before they have heard out the problem. Computer imaging can help get a 'visual' on the goals of rhinoplasty. So you are certain that you have been heard, and help the surgeon, so that he knows you can better understand.

Best of luck,


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How long have you waited for complete healing? You need to politely present your concerns to your doctor and listen to his advice. Sometimes not all of a patients wishes can be fully granted. Do not jump to another dictor too soon.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revision Rhinoplasty

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You seem very upset, and convinced that the doctor deliberately cheated you by listening to your concerns before surgery and simply ignoring them during surgery. While that is possible, I would like to think that one of the two scenarios below are more likely:

1) a failure in communication: the surgeon didn't understand your goals, or he didn't make clear (or you didn't understand) the limitations of the outcome.

2) a truly poor surgical result, where communication was good, you were both in agreement on the definition of success, the surgeon truly understood and expected to deliver what you wanted, but failed

Please try to think about your outcome as one of the two scenarios above and approach your surgeon for consideration of revision surgery.

Revision surgery

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I'm sorry to hear about your outcome.  I know how this can be very frustrating.  The best thing to do at the outset is to bring up your concerns to your primary surgeon and see if that person is willing to give it another go for you. If this is not something that they are willing to consider I would definitely seek a second opinion from another surgeon to decide what needs to be done.  I would recommend that you give your nose plenty of time to heal prior to seeking further surgery.  Every patient undergoing this operation benefits from at least a one year period of healing to determine the final result.  If a revision is needed at that time most surgeons are willing to do this for patient's at no cost from a surgical fee standpoint.  There may be facility costs that you would have to pay but not the original fee yet again.  Give your surgeon a chance to help you out. 

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