Will the discoloration disappear? Why is my upper abdomen distended? How do I smooth the fat deposits? (photo)

I had liposuction done in March of 2013. My doctor was great, but I'm disappointed in the results. I can no longer go see him, I moved across the country. We were working on the fat deposits by doing some sort of injection to reduce the fat. The discoloration has been fading, but it's still very prominent. Is there a way to smooth everything and get rid of discoloration?

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Liposuction complications

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Thank you for your pictures.  This is an unusual result of liposuction.  I would seek several opinions from BC PS.  The residual fat maybe simple to solve but the discoloration is another story.

Dr. ES

Bulge and Discoloration After TT

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It takes about one year to see the final result and if things are getting better with time, they will probably continue to get better with more time. Consult your surgeon.

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