What are the dimensions of the new CoolFit applicator, relative to the other Zeltiq applicators?

What are the dimensions of the different Zeltiq applicators? Does anyone have a visual of the different applicators side by side? What is the width of the new CoolFit applicator relative to the other applicators?

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Dimensions of the CoolFit applicator

The CoolFit applicator has 38% larger cooling surface than the CoolCore from Zeltiq.The width of the CoolFit applicator is not different than the coolcore.

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CoolFit applicator

The CoolFit applicator is a straight applicator designed for the inner thighs.  You can go on the coolsculpting web site to see the various applicators.  It is most important to find a dermatologist with experience in CoolSculpting for the best results.

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CoolSculpting CoolFit Applicator

The CoolFit applicator has 38% larger cooling surface than the CoolCore from Zeltiq.  The applicators are shaped differently for customizing the best treatment plan for the individual patient.  Having an experienced provider determine the patient's applicators, placement of the applicators, and number of treatments necessary to treat the problem area will help achieve the best possible results.  CoolSculpting Complete at my practice in Raleigh, NC includes dual machines for faster treatment, compression garments for comfort, vibrational therapy for moving the lymphatic elimination of fat cells, as well as buy one get one free Instant Rebates.  We are able to offer free CoolSculpting treatments with each CoolSculpting treatment purchased at full price as a result of being the top CoolSculpting provider in our region. 

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CoolFit applicator

The main difference between the CoolFit applicator and the other applicators is that the CoolFit does not have flaps on the sides. The CoolFit applicator is primarily used to treat the inner thighs because it can fit up high just below the groin area. The width of the CoolFit applicator is not different than the other applicators but it is slightly longer.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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