Whats the Difference Between a Premaxillary Implant and Nasal Spine Implant?

I'm trying to find out. What is the difference between a premaxillary implant and nasal spine implant? I currently have a botched premaxillary implant. Its not got the projection I want and its too wide for my face as well as crooked. It has distorted my smile even though its been 8 months after surgery, I can feel it with my tongue and constantly through my face. I want to have it replaced and a surgeon offered a nasal spine implant. Whats the difference?

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Facial implants for augmentation

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Premaxillary implant or paranasal implants are used to augment the area adjacent to the wings of the nose.  The nasal spine is the area in the midline under the columella or separator between the two nostrils.  An implant in this area can help support and elevate a sunken nose tip.  It all comes down to what area of your face is deficient.  Lots of Asian in my practice benefits from paranasal implant augmentation over repeated injections with fillers.

Atlanta Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Premaxillary implant vs nasal spine implant

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Augmentation of these two areas will do basically the same thing.  Discuss the specifics of the implant placement with the surgeon.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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