What are the differences between Mini lift, Lifestyle Lift and Short Scar Lift?

Doctors have their versions of lifts, why so many names and why do some doctors say that these lifts don't work? I'm a 52yo male considering a mini lift to address minor jowl sagging with thin parentheses lines around mouth.

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Brand name facelifts

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Mini Lift, Lifestyle Lift, and Short Scar lift all describe a less aggressive approach to improving the heaviness of the jowl, face, and neck region. In general, these approaches work best in patients with minimal muscle and skin looseness. The advantage of conservative surgery is that there can be less swelling, a faster recovery, and possibly a smaller incision. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the loose muscle in the face and neck may not be completely lifted back up resulting in a minimal improvement and results that do not last very long. For some small incision lifts, there can actually be more skin bunching after surgery as the limited incision also limits how the extra skin can be re-draped or re-distributed.
The important concept in any type of face and neck lift is to customize the procedure for the anatomy of the patient and to fully address that anatomy. For a patient in their early 50's, a proper suspension of the loose face and neck muscles may not be much more involved than any of the above limited procedures and can generally involve minimal anesthesia.
It is definitely important to have a proper evaluation with a surgeon who is experienced in a number of different approaches to help find the best options for you.

Inland Empire Facial Plastic Surgeon

Minilift, Lifestyle lift and short scar facelift

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Your question about the difference points up the confusion in the field of facelifts. First it is important to recognize that Lifestyle lift is the trademarked name of a cosmetic franchise built on marketing. Although there are variations in it the operation is considered a type of short scar facelift by most cosmetic surgeons. As with any extensive and potentially risky procedures it very important to investigate it thoroughly. In comparing the Minilift and short scar facelift the Minilift has a longer incision which gives access to the deeper tissue and therefore more opportunity to elevate and reinforce the supporting structures. This usually translates into a more effective and longer lasting lift. Taking it a step further a full facelift requires even more mobilization effectively treating the neck area with fat accumulation, bands, etc. while also treating the jowls, cheeks, etc. Your surgeon should be able to describe these various procedures to you, and then make a good recommendation to you based on your needs. Many times the facelift in whatever form can be combined with eyelid surgery, laser resurfacing, etc. to give a harmonious youthful appearance.

What are the differences between Mini lift, Lifestyle Lift and Short Scar Lift?

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The most important consideration is the appropriate procedure for you. LSL is a company that markets cosmetic surgery to potential patients. This is not a unique technique. Mini lifts tend to produce mini results and are appropriate for patients with very early aging along the jawline. A more comprehensive facelift is often the most appropriate choice for males in their 50s. The incision, if placed properly, and closed carefully is rarely objectionable so the quality of the lift shouldn't be compromised in order to use a short scar. At this point you would be well served by scheduling a consultation with a facelift expert who can evaluate your face and let you know what option will work best for you. I hope this information is helpful for you.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Differences between mini lift, lifestyle lift, and short scar lift?

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Differences between mini lift, lifestyle lift, and short scar lift? These are essentially the same. Make sure you pick an experienced surgeon and do not go by the name of the various mini facelifts.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What are the differences between Mini lift, Lifestyle Lift and Short Scar Lift?

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Typically, the names that doctors place on their versions of Facelifts do not matter.  For any facelift to be effective it must have the following components, no matter what it is called.

  1. Every facelift should have an incision that follows the contours around the front of the ear (not in front of the ear).  This allows excess skin to be removed.
  2. The underlying muscle layer (SMAS) must be dissected, elevated upward, trimmed and re-sutured.  Placing threads, sutures or any other suspension method or folding the muscle layer upon itself does not work or last and should not be considered a "proper facelift" technique.
  3. From our standpoint, the aesthetics of the face needs to be considered and improved my shaping the face.  Whether this means removing excess fat, shaping the cheeks/lips/chin with fillers or implants, these areas make the face appear more naturally attractive.  What matters is that you see a Facial Plastic Surgeon who understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty that can be applied to your facelift.  

Choose your facelift surgeon, not the name of the surgery for the best result

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A facelift is an art form. The very best surgeon is what you want and you should put your trust in their hands to give you your best result. Don't try to fit yourself into a mini box as this may not be appropriate for your anatomy. 

The Surgeon is More Important Than the Lift

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I can understand the confusion you have expressed, because there have been a proliferation of mini-lift names and in the "branding" of incisional techniques.  Despite the information present, the Surgeon using his/her judgment in the preoperative diagnosis and performing the procedure is far more important than the name of the procedure.  Mini-lifts, which will generally address the cheek and jowl area, are appropriate for some patients and less so for others.  Although emphasis is frequently placed on "short scar" techniques, it is far better to have a longer incision and a better result than a short hypertrophic scar. Only a consultation will determine if a mini-lift is appropriate for you. Lifestyle lift is a company, not a recognized procedure.


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The name does not matter. Commercialized names created by private companies and train non plastic surgeons to idiotically perform a brand name procedure is commercial and not medical.
 What is important for any patient is to understand from the surgeon (not the staff) what procedure is recommended, why? draw backs,? compare to other procedures available? and the risks? expectations? what part of the face the procedure will address and what it does not? Experience of the surgeon, Training? Board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery? Facelift consultation is about 1-2 hours spent by the surgeon not the staff. Then proceed with the person you are most confident in.
Branded procedures are there just to make money, very little care to the patient.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Differences between Mini lift, Lifestyle Lift and Short Scar Lift

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Mini lifts, short scar lifts and Lifestyle Lifts are all names for procedures that designed for minimal facial aging that can produce reasonable results in properly selected patients. Most do not effect the jowl or perioral areas significantly. They are effective only in younger individuals with minimal aging. There are, however, procedures that can be be modified with the incision and procedure extended to deal with whatever problems the specific individual has. The MACS Lift and the procedures modified from it can correct any problem with less surgery and a more natural result.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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