What is the Difference Between Cavi-Lipo and Liposonix? Which Provides Better Results?

I am trying to obtain a beach body for this upcoming 2013 summer. I am male 40yrs.. 5 11 185lbs and 35 waist. Most of weight is in my thighs and abs.

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Combine Liposonix and Vaser Shape (Cavi-Lipo)

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Vaser Shape is the best variant among the ultrasonic fat melting technology that utilizes cavitation (creating air bubbles within fat cells to create leakage of fatty acids and thus shrivel fat cells). Liposonix on the other hand utilizes high intensity high frequency ultrasonic technology that permanently melts a layer of fat tissues. We have created a unique protocol called SonixLipo where our patients receive two courtesy Vaser Shape treatment after each Liposonix to facilitate drainage of melted fat and to achieve smoother body contouring.

Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposonix focused ultrasound has proven results

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Liposonix is a FDA cleared medical device that uses focused ultrasound to specifically target fat cells and reduce waist circumference. There are several peer-reviewed scientific publications documenting results after a single treatment. Cavi-lipo appears to be a spa treatment, with no controlled scientific studies that I have been able to find.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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