What is the Difference Between Breast Aug and Breast Implants?

is is possible for someones breast to not be fixable.

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Breast Implants and Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

These terms are usually used interchangeably at this time. In the future, it may be that breast augmentation may be  more commonly done with with one's own tissues ( for example fatty tissue).

Breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation and breast implant surgery usually refers to the same thing unless the breast implant surgery is to reconstruct the breast that is removed during a mastectomy.  Either way they are used to augment( increase) or recreate a breast.

Breast Implants (Augmentation)

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The terms breast augmentation and breast implants are used interchangeably, they refer to the same procedure. Every breast, almost no matter how deformed, can be improved.

Breast augmentation and breast implants

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Thank you for your question.

Breast augmentation refers to the actual procedure of putting in
breast implants. Therefore, they are the same thing. For your question
on whether or not someone's breast would not qualify for surgery, I
would recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Good luck!

Dr. Sam Speron

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

What is the difference between breast implants and breast augmentation?

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BREAST IMPLANTS  are the devices that are placed into the breast during a BREAST AUGMENTATION PROCEDURE.

Breast augmentation and breast implants are one in the same

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Not many differences here, breast augmentation and breast implants refer to the same thing.

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