What is the Difference Between Superficial Mid Face Lift and Periostial Mid Face Lift?

iam 31 years old with Indian background . I have prominent nasolibial fold &nasojajular fold . Which procedure is best to address this problem? . My surgeon suggests the deep periostial one but iam concerned it is less invasive . Can you help me

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Superficial vs. Periosteal Mid face lift

  You are way too young to consider having a mid face lift, and should consider injectable fillers.  Per your question, some doctors believe that a periosteal mid face lift may last longer (yet others disagree), but also some believe that this increased longevity may come at the expense of a greater risk of surgical complications. 

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Cheek lift

Dear nonaalamorah,

You are pretty young for a midface lift

I would be curious to see if you would be a better candidate for fat transfer or non-surgical fillers to lift the cheeks and reduce the size of the nasolabial folds

A deeper lift would mean longer lasting results if you considered surgery

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Nima Shemirani

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Deep or superficial mid face lift for cheek folds

Thank you for your question about mid face lifts.

  • Peri-osteal mid-face lifts go down to the bone and below facial tissue.
  • Superficial mid-face lifts go above the facial tissue to tighten them.
  • Mid-face lifts can improve these folds, can cause distortion and folds can return.
  • Fillers and nasolabial fold llposuction are less invasive ways to reduce their size.
  • At your age, surgery should be a last resort. Discuss options with your surgeon.

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Mid face lift a 31-year-old.

There is very little likelihood that you would need any type of mid facelift at 31 years of age. You can have fillers in your nasolabial creases to improve this but would caution you against having any type of surgery.

Toby Mayer, MD
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