What is the difference between Perfecta dermal sub skin filler material and Perlane and Restylane?

A doctor advised me to use perfecta dermal sub skin in upper cheek and under eye , what is the difference between that filler material and Perlane and Restylane in the life span and others specs thank u in advance.

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THe right choice for results....topical vs. injectable

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Good question and a topic that I address almost daily in my practice. Perfecta is a topical cream or mask that is applied to the skin on a daily basis. It is one of many in an infinitely long line of cosmetic style products that promises to enhance your complexion, rid your face of wrinkles and/or tighten the skin.....and it promises to do so at a significant cost. I'm not here to say that it doesn't work, as I'm a firm believer (forgive the pun) in the importance of top quality skin care, but these treatments are in an entirely different category than injectable dermal fillers. Good skin care and an occasional filler treatment are actually the best way to enhance your features.

Restylane and Perlane are injectable fillers, placed in the subcutaneous tissue of the face to rid you of fine lines, wrinkles or in some cases, alter your appearance for the better......want better cheek bones?.....wish you had more fullness to you lips?.....looking for the perfect "pout"?....tired of those tired looking eyes?......wish the corners of your mouth curved slightly up instead of down? The list goes on. The best part of filler treatments? The result is instantaneous!

Find a reputable, Plastic Surgeon Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and discuss what it is your hoping to achieve. He or she can get you on the right track. Best of luck!

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