What's the Deal with my New Lip Lines? (photo)

I have recently noticed terribly deep lines on my lips. I am 29, have never smoked, never tan, and always practice good sun protection. Overall my skin looks pretty great, except for my lips. The lines are so deep that I can'twear lipstick anymore. I end up with red colored vertical lines. I have Juvederm in my lips from a few months ago, but it's never done anything like this before. What can I do about them, and what could be causing them?

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Creases in the pink part of the lips are usually due to dehydration.

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During the winter months and holidays, we see more creases in the pink mucosal part of the lips due to dehydration and worsened by alcohol drinking over the holiday which worsens dehydration. Drinking more fluids and applying water topically followed by moisturizer helps a lot. sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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