What is the current status of forehead reshaping in the US? (Photo)

I feel like this type of procedure would have a lot of asterisk potential. In my case, a squarer forehead could give a more masculine appearance. It would also make my balding pâté look better in my opinion.

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Forehead Reshaping

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There are numerous options from onlays and grafts to bone remodeling. I cannot evaluate you since there is only a front view and no lateral view. At the least, it seems you would benefit aesthetically from a hairline lowering procedure and, depending on your goals, it may be all that you need. many plastic surgeons have little or no experience with this sort of procedure so be certain you see someone that is experienced specifically with this.

Contemporary Forehead Augmentation

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Forehead reshaping/augmentation is done today using either intraoperatively applied bone cements or a preoperatively fabricated silicone implant from the patient's 3D CT scan. Both can be highly successful procedures but require an open scalp incision for their application. A custom implant may be able to be placed through a slightly smaller incision.

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