What Are the Criteria Determining the Cost of eMatrix in the United States?

Why is there such a huge difference in cost across the country? (http://www.realself.com/eMatrix/cost)

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EMatrix pricing is based on packages of 3 or 5 treatments

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You are analyzing the cost per treatment that is posted, or cost for 3 to five treatments ... This is essentially the variability that is evident in such a public forum. Of course, you will pay a premium for epertise and location as the old saying goes. Pay more for 90210 thinking that it is better than 90404 ! 

...depends on level of skill and cost of consumables

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This is the rate limiting factor. We tend to keep our eMatrix costs low, bearing in mind that consumables all add up- anaesthetic cream if needed, but most importantly the applicator- the price is shocking (sorry, can t publish the cost of the tip as I may get in trouble by Syneron Candella). 

Also the skill level.... specialists such as Dermatologist charge higher, however we train our nurses to the same skill level we have and write the protocols for eMatrix, essentially making this a Specialist treatment that is tailored to your skin, whilst maintaining a lower cost. This is reflective on our Acne Free RF Program to reduce acne scarring. 


Dr Davin Lim 
Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

Criteria for Pricing is Extremely Variable

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In general, pricing is based upon several things: 1. marketplace - how many other offices are around and what do they price the same treatments at, and what does the manufacturer suggest is reasonable, 2. geography - larger cities like Los Angeles, NY City, etc. usually have higher prices because overhead is higher, 3. physician - who is offering the treatment, who is overseeing it, what type of physician is it (what is their malpractice like?), how involved in the care are they, how well trained is their staff, 4. overhead - how much did the office pay for the machine, how much are the tips, how much staff do they have, what type of office is it, 5. business - is the business new, what costs are they trying to cover with this, what do they need to make, 6. packaging - unsure if the pricing shown is for packages of treatments, or single visits, it's hard to say. Those are some of the things we consider when we set pricing. Hope that helps!

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