Everyone Seems to Be Against the Crescent Lift :( Please Help Me This Should Be Enjoyable but I'm Just Sad? (photo)

I never cared too much about my breast being asymmetric until I went in for a consultation for a BA. First Dr said he will do an internal bra,Then I was told by 2 Dr.s that I don't need a lift. Another 2 Dr.s strongly advised a crescent lift. I know many surgeons are against the crescent lift bc its known to cause deformities and not "lift". I'm scared if I don't get it what my breasts might look like. I don't want a full lift bc I really dislike the scars. 34A,5'3,110 lbs, Goal 300cc mod +

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Everyone Seems to Be Against the Crescent Lift :( Please Help Me This Should Be Enjoyable but I'm Just Sad? (photo)

First off, the crescent lift is an outdated procedure, and has been replaced by the peri-areolar mastopexy, or "donut lift".  The reason being that the crescent lift only results in stretching the areola to a vertical oval shape.  Without measurements it is difficult to say, but you do not seem to need a lift and you will do just fine with a straight-forward breast augmentation.  Just make sure your treating surgeon is an experienced plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, no other credentialing is up to par with this standard.

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Avoid a lift all together

You should do very well with a straightforward breast augmentation. Any lift will involve breast scars which are best avoided. Many don't like the crescent lift because the lift is minimal and not worth the periareolar scar and potential misshapened nipple. The lift should be necessary for a good reason to risk any visible breast scar.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Crescent lift

The crescent lift is weak and shouldn't be used when significant asymmetry is present, IMHO.

We often see poor outcomes from lesser lifts (i.e. crescentic or concentric/donut/Benelli) that are aggressively performed, only to yield large, unappealing alreolae with gathering around the edges, rather than a lollipop or Wise pattern lift, where the gathering from the lift can be distributed better and the incisions made cleaner.

Often this procedure is patient driven, when the patient wants a shorter incision than the problem can justify.

We show a number of revisional cases, but of course better to avoid the revision.

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Crescent breast lift is not a good operation.

There is a reason so many are against the Crescent lift – it's almost always allows the operation. Your breasts are reasonably symmetrical in a breast augmentation only should give you a very good result and will dilute the asymmetry somewhat.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Breast lift options

You are really borderline as to whether you need a lift at all or just implants.  If you do want the breasts lifted, however, the vertical lollipop lift is far superior to the crescent lift both in terms f the amount of lift you get and the shape f the breasts.  Hen to perky done, the lollipop lift is far superior to the crescent lift and the scars really heal quite nicely!

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Small lift or not?

I do not like the crescent lift, but I frequently do the circumareola or Benelli lift. It is especially useful to correct small asymmetries like yours. When done one side only the planning is especially important, but done properly it can result in much better breast symmetry. I would combine it with a peri-areola approach on the other side.

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Dear sarah a.


Thank you for your question!  It is hard to give a precise opinion with photos- BUT, the crescent lift will not work.  If your breast asymmetry is not too bothersome now- it will become more apparent if you have breast augmentation.  You can always do a correction later, or a small periareolar adjustment or a more complete lift - this will depend on your desire and the surgeon's ability.

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Trevor M. Born, MD
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Is a crescent lift completely worthless or not?

As a means of producing a significant breast lift (mastopexy), the 'crescent lift' is generally considered inadequate. Patients understandably want a magnificent cosmetic result with the fewest scars, lowest cost, least down time and preferably performed under a local anesthetic in the office. In their desire to achieve these goals,  patients tend to consider all procedures to be equivalent and naturally favor the least invasive. This pattern repeats itself across the full spectrum of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it opens the gate to quacks, charlatans and non ABMS boarded physicians who tout the minimalist approach through aggressive marketing, paid for magazine articles and bogus TV 'infomercials.' Less is not more, less is less and you get what you pay for. But I digress....

The crescent lift has a small part to play in nipple-areola asymmetry and small degrees of nipple-areola repositioning (elevation usually). As such it can be used alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation. I would describe the procedure as a nipple lift rather than a breast lift.

J. Brian Boyd, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Crescent lift?

If I have to lift the nipple areola a bit I will use a circumareola approach because it controls the entire circle of the areola and not just one-half ( i.e crescent).  I use the circumareola approach quite often but only in the right candidates.  I have a very high satisfaction rate with this procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Everyone Seems to Be Against the Crescent Lift :( Please Help Me This Should Be Enjoyable but I'm Just Sad?

Some many experts weighing in demonstrates there is NO CORRECT response. Based only on the posted photos I recommend augmentation od different sizes, possible lipo with fat grafting for symmetry, donut or l shaped lift on the left. Good luck!!! 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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