For What Reason Would my PS Want to Lower my Creases After Initial Implants?

I love my results already and i'm only a week out. Yesterday was my 1 week post-op. My PS mentioned lowering my crease. I was just ecstatic to see that my incisions were practically invisible so didn't ask. What is the crease, really? And why would it need to be lowered? I don't have any photos of my chest pre-surgery because it just wasn't pretty. My PS's before photos would help. But i just don't understand what the crease is in general or why it would ever need be lowered.

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Breast crease usually refers to the breast fold under your breasts

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If you are happy with your breasts than obviously nothing more needs to be done.  Lowering your breast crease or breast fold would increase the distance between your nipple and your breast fold and would let your implant settle down a little more.  Perhaps your plastic surgeon feels that this distance is a little too short.  Since you are happy with the results you may want to give it some time as the distance between the nipple and breast fold tends to increase in the first month or so after your surgery.

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Doctor wants to lower breast crease

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Your plastic surgeon may feel the distance between the areola and crease under the breasts is too short. It may be that the implants look high.  However, they will most likely settle in over time.  If you are happy with the results thus far, it is unlikely that you will need to lower the creases. I'm glad you are enjoying your new breasts.

Marialyn Sardo, MD
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