How Do I Get the Crater That Was a Birthmark off and Make my Nose Look Normal? (photo)

it was a birthmark its like 2mm. a indent. I want to know how to make it normal

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Indent in nose

Dear YBP:

  From what I am seeing, I am guessing that there is no other pigmentation around this indent; that is it wasn't for example a hemangiona that has involuted: if it is not too deep, it might be possible to dermabrade the area (sand it down) however there can be some (usually temporary)  pigment problems that accompany this; another solution would be to do a very concise excision of this "dent" (which will be a little longer than the indent) but it could level the area, and therefore the light reflecting off the small scar should be better than the situation with the "hole".  Sun protection after either treatment is necessary.  I have not had much luck trying to "fill" these holes with a filler; although some people might try this also. Get several opinions regarding this.

                                                                                     Dr. Lugger

Southlake Plastic Surgeon
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