Does the Cost of Rhinoplasty Depend from the Size of the Hump You Want to Be Removed?

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Does the Cost of Rhinoplasty Depend from the Size of the Hump You Want to Be Removed?

 I have performed many Rhinoplasty Surgeries over the past 25 years and while I can't speak for every surgeon here are our factors that determine cost:

  1.  Difficulty of Rhinoplasty based on prior operations.
  2. Number of techniques that need to be used during the Rhinoplasty or stated another way, how much needs to be done to the nose like removing the hump, breaking the bones, thinning the tip etc.

 In general, you'll find that more experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons, in practice for many years with strong reputations charge more for similar cases.  You pay for that experience as in all things.  Hope that helps.

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Cost of Rhinoplasty

Usually the size of the hump does not directly affect the fee for rhinoplasty, however here in San Diego some surgeons may charge more for a "complex rhinoplasty" versus a "tip-only" or "simple rhinoplasty." A big hump may lead to osteotomies which then leads to middle vault narrowing which then leads to need for spreader grafts, which may lead to a larger fee...

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The cost of rhinoplasty does not depend on the size of the hump to be removed

The cost of the rhinoplasty depends on the complexity and the time taken to give you a good result. While the hump reduction is an important part of the operation, there may be other aspects that need correcting as well. Your Surgeon can advise you better at your consultation.

Good Luck

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Does the Cost of Rhinoplasty Depend from the Size of the Hump You Want to Be Removed?

Many thanks for the question. The cost of Rhinoplasty depends upon the fact that after the removal of hump what more surgery will be needed to get a perfectly balanced nose. More work may be needed to fix it right if the size of hump is very big and perhaps some PS may charge you more that the other PS. Wish you good luck

Rhinoplasty Cost

The cost of rhinoplasty is more reflective of how difficult the case is and how much functional issues are present as well. The more steps needed to improve your nose the more cost you will typically incur.  For some patients, functional issues are present and insurance can help cover those costs during a procedure.  


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