What is the Cost of Reduction of the Length and Width of my Forehead, Plus Burring to Flatten my Forehead Bone?

I'll also need a skin expanding implant to help reduce the length of it. Can this all be done in one sitting (excluding the 6 weeks of skin expansion)? I've read that I need to graft hair from the donor site to cover the scar on my hairline, and just graft hair to the sides of my forehead to reduce the width, which causes no scarring. Isn't there a laser surgery, dermabrasion, or peel that can remove scars? Or at least from the epidermis so it won't be visible.

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Is this surgical planning something you determined by yourself?  You should see a doctor for an examination and treatment options.  If you have already seen one doctor (and was given the above treatment option) consider a second opinion.

Some doctors never use expanders and achieve similar results.  

Forehead width cannot be narrowed with forehead reduction.  This requires a hair transplant surgery.

Scars cannot be erased.  You will always have a scar that will be visible on close inspection.  The issue is how well you will heal and how realistic you will be in accepting your scar.

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Hairline Lowering and Reduction of Bony Forehead Prominence

After scalp expansion, the hairline can be lowered to decrease the height of the forehead and reduce the bony prominence above your eyebrows. In the technique we developed, hair follicles which are buried under the skin closure produce hair that grows through and in front of the hairline to hide that incision. Go to our website for a complete description of the surgery and examples of post-op results. 

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Multiple forehead and hairline procedures.

You are not going to get much help from the surgeons on this site unless you have had a consult with a surgeon who does these types of surgeries. Get at least one opinion based on an examination and submit its findings and recommendations to see if any of us can respopnd with useful information. Send some pictures.

Including the expander insertion you may need at least 2 operative sessions . Scars at the hairline may or not be a problem depending on the findings of your hair and if there is a balding pattern. Costs can be considerable when you include suregons fees, operating room time and anesthesia.  

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First to do is the insertion of tissue expander, if you need it.

Second surgery is removal of tissue expander, burring the frontal bossing, sometimes in certain foreheads one can also use acelluar matrix on top of the bone to make it more smooth, advancing the hair bearing scalp to narrow the forhead. you will need a fixation devise to stabilize the forhead in the position wanted. Use absorbale screws, or absorbable coapt.

The cost will vary on the devises needed like the acellular matrix  ($1000-2000), coapt( $750), the tissue expander (about $2000),The burr( $ 200-500), plus surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees.

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