What Cosmetic Procedures Can Help Make My Eyes Deeper-Set and Make Face Less Flat?

1. My eyes protrude my brow bones and cheekbones. 2. I have epicanthic folds, but pulling the skin on my nose bridge makes them disappear. 3. I have double eyelids, but the inner corner of the eye is single. (Now you know that I have slant-eyes, but not slit-eyes.) 4. My cheekbones are too high (right below my eyes) and are not protruding, making my face look flat. 5. My brow bones don't stick out. What I'm trying to achieve is to make my eyes deeper-set and to make my face less flat.

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Using fat grafting to improve facial appearance

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The eyes are generally the key highlighted areas of the face. From your description it sounds like your best options are to have an epicanthoplasty and to have fat grafting perfomed to improve the countour of the area around the eyes (brow, cheeks, etc). This can significantly help to improve the contour in this region.

Both of these procedures are quite advanced, and it is important to find someone in your area who is experienced in the area.

-Dr. Asaria

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