Does the Compression Garment Help More During the Day or During the Night?

I had slim lipo (w/small stiches) on my arms and wore the compression garment 24/7 for about 1.5 wks; I now wear a light spanx sleeve to work when I can't do long sleeves. I'm still swollen (I hope) but it is improving. I have read after 1-2 wks (my surgeon recommended 2 wks) you should continue wearing it 12 hrs a day. But is the 12 hours more "helpful" at night during sleep or during the day when you are up and about? It feels tighter when I wake up and loser during the evenings.

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Compression garment after slim lipo on arms

I recommend wearing phase 1 compression garments 24/7 for 3 weeks post SLIM lipo, followed by about 3 more weeks of phase 2 or looser more comfortable garments for best results. Your surgeon will monitor your healing phase and adjust your garment wear appropriately.  Good luck!

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