what are the complications in the future if I do not get braces for my crowded teeth? (photos)

according to the pictures do you think that I really need braces for my teeth?

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Possible complications:

Teeth that do not line up the right way as in your case could affect your bite. This can make it hard to chew some foods and it may cause some teeth to wear down over time. It can also cause muscle tension and pain. Crowded and crooked teeth are harder to clean. Cavities and gum disease may develop as a result. Also, teeth that stick out are more than others are at a higher risk getting chipped or broken. 

In your case I highly recommend visiting an orthodontist to help with your crowding. He/she will determine whether you are an extraction case. Self-ligiting braces can also treat most patients without extraction but every treatment is different. Dr. J

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Crowded teeth

God only knows, but I can promise you this: it won't fix itself.  More likely, it will worsen considerably, and be much more difficult to correct, and likely require extractions, if it doesn't already.  That's not even accounting for disease progression that will likely ensue....get it fixed.

Frank Celenza, DDS, PC
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