How do surgeons obtain the best fat cells for a Brasilian Butt Lift?

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Fat for Brazilian Butt Lift

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The most common areas where fat is removed are the stomach, hips and thighs. These areas offer a good amount of fat. The fat should be removed without destroying the cells, which means laser or ultrasonic assisted methods wouldn't be appropriate. Tumescent liposuction is generally preferred. Then, the fat is purified carefully to remove everything but the fat cells. Finally, the fat is injected into the buttocks. Liposuction technique and purification method are crucial in preserving fat cell longevity.

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Successful Brazilian Butt Lift Requires experience and skill

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Hi there-

While many details will go into the successful completion of your brazilian butt lift, the surgeon's experience and skill will undoubtedly be the most critical.

Choose your surgeon carefully and leave the details to them.

Getting the best fat cells for a Brasilian Butt Lift (Fat Transfer to the Buttocks)

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Fat is a living tissue just like heart muscle and requires oxygen to stay alive. A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is NOT really a "Lift" procedure but a Buttock Augmentation procedure in which fat cells from others parts of the body are harvested and transferred to and augment and volumize the buttocks.

Just like all grafts, fat cells can be damaged and die at each step along the transfer/grafting process of a Brazilian Butt Lift. This can happen when
- the fat cells are harvested (suction power is therefore reduced to minimize fat cell injury)
- when the fat cells are washed and filtered (to remove blood and liquid)
- when the fat cells are centrifuged (to obtain fat cells (rather than fatty emulsion)
- when the fat cells are injected (from the pressure in the injection syringe) and
- when the local blood supply in the buttock area is not sufficient to feed and supply the fat with oxygen
- if you disobey your surgeon's instruction of sitting on the grafted areas for at least 2 weeks (causing shifting and disruption of the blood supply to the fat)

Attention to reduce each one of these steps will get you the best most viable fat and a better Brazilian Butt Lift result.

Peter A Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgery

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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In our practice, we perform Aqualipo to obtain the fat.  This utilizes the Body Jet.  This machine shoot a gentle spray of water to help remove the fat.  This allows us to get out more intact fat cells.  This is important because, the more intact fat cells you start with, the more fat cells will survive when it's transfered and thus the best results.  With the body jet, we obtain about a 70% - 80% fat survival rate.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian butt lift and best fat cells

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Different parts of the body have different types of fat. The back and the flank have a more fibrous brown fat and the front of abdomen has a soft yellow fat. When you're doing the liposuction fat injection I'll mix the fat from all the harvested locations so I'll get a uniform result.

The technique of the fat injection is probably more important than the location where the fat was harvested. In order to get a good  survival of fat you must inject the fat small quantities and in multiple locations in order to get a large surface area for the injected fat and thus a greater blood supply. Blood supply means survival of fat cells. The other thing that protects fat cells is not putting pressure on the fat for the 1st 10 days after the injection because pressure decreases blood supply the fat and the fat dies.

Best case scenario about 70% of the fat injected should live. The technique of the injection is the most important part of the fat injection to the buttocks.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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