Can the Chest Muscle Be Fixed if It Moves Weird (Up and Out) After Having Breast Implants Removed?

I had breasts implants for 9 years and removed them 6 months ago because of the way the muscle moved them when flexing the muscle, but now even without implants I still have the same problem with the muscle. I want to get implants again but I want my muscle fixed at the same time, can this animation deformity be corrected? What is the most effective and predictable way? Thank you.

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Muscle deformity with and after implants.

The animation deformity you have experienced is not uncommon with implants placed submuscularly. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done for this while implants are in place. Upon explantation, it helps to perform a total capsulectomy (removal of all of the breast capsule) and to even reattach portions of the pectoralis muscle to the chest wall (medially and inferiorly). If you were to have implants placed under the muscle again, the animation deformity is likely to continue. Some surgeons have noted improvement in this deformity by using a dermal matrix (Strattice).  The Strattice is placed like a hammock from the inframmary fold to the pectoralis muscle border. This provides a "tether" for the muscle as it contracts which may lead to a less-noticeable animation deformity. Unfortunately, this is quite an expensive addition to the surgical cost.

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Breast implants

You had sub muscular breast implants which moved when the muscle was flexed. This could have beed corrected and the implant left in place.

now you had the implants removed and still have abnormal muscle  movement. i believe this is due to the fact that the capsules were not removed and the muscle stll moves the capsule and the old pocket of the implant.

The best and surest way to repair this id to reove the capsule and reattach the muscle to the chest wall again.

If you want the implants, you can have the implants put above the muscle at the same time if you are a candidate for implants above the muscle. if you have to put the implants below the muscle the reomve the capsule, free the muscle properly and use acellular matrix from the muscle to the inframammary line. The acellular matrix is expensive ($2000-4000). depending on the size and thckness of the acellular matrix.

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