Everything On the Right Side of My Face Hangs Lower Than My Left From Trauma Long Ago?

So when i was 4-5 yrs old, i had a facial trauma to the right side of my face when playing with my cousins, in which i fell right side face first onto a steel platform surrounded by concrete. My face was all swollen and bruised on the right side of my face, and i had stitches done on my eyebrow, which had my right eye shut for a month. What I am looking to fix is the right side of my face, everything on the right side of my face (right eyebrow ridge,right jaws, right nose, right eye hangs lower than left, which bother my eyelids on that side, and overall it doesn't look right (in my opinion i look deform on that side). I dont know if this would be considered plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery though.

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R side drooping secondary to trauma

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A physical exam is necessary. Is you x ray of your boney structure normal on each side? Is there a boney asymmetry or is it soft tissue? Is there a lack of soft tissue or real drooping?

In order to guide you in the right direction send a photo of face with centered light and facing directly into the camera without rotation


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