What Are the Chances a Secondary Abdominoplasty Will Give Me the Results I Want? (photo)

Six months ago I had my first abdominoplasty after having three children. I wasn't overweight before or after and only the skin below my belly button was tightened. After the first surgery I was horrified when I removed my girdle the first time because of the "twist" in my stomach. It did correct itself to some extent within 4 months or so, but not totally. There is also a "dip" above my belly button that seems strange. My PS seems perplexed and is doing the secondary AP free of charge.

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Revision abdominoplasty

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Photographs are not a substitute for physical diagnosis, but a mini-tuck may not have been the appropriate procedure for your abdomen. Good luck with the umbilical revision. Be sure to clarify what the surgeon intends to do in the revision prior to surgery so that you are on the same page.

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