What Are the Chances of Me Needing a Revision with This Nose? (photo)

I had my primary about a month a go and there are a lot of things which worry me at this time. One of the most important ones is on the right side of the image which I have circled to show exactly where it is. I have also noticed the skin in that area moves as I breath, though I might of had this problem before my primary. Would it be likely that I may have to get a revision? if so how complicated would it be? would it require crafting ear cartilage? Thank You

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Asymmetric shadows after rhinoplasty can be treated with non-surgical rhinoplasty

Here is the good news, you have several good options for treating this asymmetry!

  1. Do nothing. While this line will probably not decrease, it may bother you less as the overall swelling of your nose changes.  So give your nose 6 months after surgery  before making any big decisions.
  2. Surgical Revision. This shadow is caused by the transition of the skin from an area with cartilage to an area without any cartilage.  This can be corrected with a cartilage graft from the ear.
  3. Non-Surgical Revision.  Fillers may be placed in this shadow to improve the symmetry of your nose.  (You do have to be careful placing fillers in this area because there may be an artery there and there is a risk of injuring the blood flow to your nasal tip.)

Good luck in your search for information!

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Revision rhinoplasty

You are still early post surgery and generally have to fully heal over one year before any further surgery would be considered.  Its difficult to fully evaluate your nose with one image.  To give best advise you need to be evaluated in person and assess all views of your nose.  From the image you provided your nose is slightly asymmetric and leans to the right.  Your nasal tip appears to have vertically or cephalically oriented cartilages.  This is often seen with lack of nasal tip sidewall support..  If you have breathing trouble you may have an element of external valve compromise which can be improved with cartilage grafting from your nasal septum and in some cases ear cartilage grafting..

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