Are the Cc's in Saline Implants the Same As Silicone Implants?

e.g if i was to get 270cc Silicone implants would they be the same as if was to get 270cc Saline implants.

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CC's are a Measure of Volume

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CC’s are a measure of volume therefore 270cc in a saline implant would be equal to 270cc in a silicone implant. There is a difference though: silicone implants can come in different shapes and as such a 270cc silicone implant may produce a different result than a 270cc saline. It is best to speak with a trusted surgeon to determine the best implant type, size and shape for your body. Here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic, all consultations are held with the patient’s chosen surgeon and as such all questions can be addressed directly and accurately.


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A 270cc saline implant has the same volume as a 270cc silicone implant.


CC's of saline equals CC's of silicone

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As mentioned by my colleagues, it really is the same but there are observations that haven't been mentioned.  Silicone gel implants, because of their more natural look, have to be upsized more in my practice to produce a look when someone is sizing with implants in a brassiere. 

Regardless of whether you choose gel or saline, my patients have been very pleased in choosing their implant size by placing sizers in an unlined bra and upsizing from that. 

Profiles or dimensions of the implant are selected according to your own anatomy and desires and the volume that we feel will provide you the size you desire.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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270 cc implants

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In general, the saline and silicone impalnts are the same. The profiles may be slightly different if that is what you are referring to.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Saline versus silicone

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Although the total volume would be the same, the shape might be different.  Ask your plastic surgeon to show you the two implants side by side to be sure.  Often the saline implant's shape is a little more "high profile" than the gel implant's shape, even though the ccs are the same.  For example, a high profile silicone gel often has a similar shape to a moderate plus saline.

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