What Are the Causes of my Recently Bigger Left Eye and What Solutions Do You Suggest? (photo)

I have been using eyelid glue on my left eye to fix the annoying triple eyelid, unfortunately, it made my left eye bigger but this was only when I had it on. One month later, my left eye looks bigger with or without it, is there any way to recover from this? Thank you so much, Luca P.s I am sorry if this is in the incorrect topic, I am not sure which one I used post this in.

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Why do my eyes look different?

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There are many reasons why your left eye may now look bigger than your right.  When you had a triple fold this is an indication that there is no good attachment of the underlying muscle to the overlyiong skin.  Use of the tape may have created a temporary crease or fold but the fold height is probably taller than on your right side.  Have a friend measure the fold height (from the lashline to the fold) on both sides and see if there is a difference. 

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