What is the cause of this right eye bag and what are some non-surgical treatments? (Photo)

I have a bag under my right eye that isn't too bad until I smile. When I smilea big and prominent bag appears under my right eye. Doesn't conceal with make up. I have noticed a semi thin layer of fat/skin under the inner corner of my eye and over the huge line that appears when I smile. Gives the bag a layered effect.

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Non-surgical treatment of eye bags that worsen with smiling

Eyelid "bags"can be due to excess fat, swelling of the eyelid lymphatics, environmental or food allergies as well as hypertrophied or thickened lower eyelid muscles. Identifying the cause is the most important step for proper treatment. When the cause is excess fat, surgery to remove the bags is the treatment of choice. Sometimes, placing an injectable filler like Restylane in the hollow under the fat bag can soften the appearance of fullness if one prefers a non-surgical approach. A hypertrophied muscle can sometimes be treated with Botox or Dysport. If the fullness goes up and down, then it could be due to allergies or lymphatic swelling, in which case, seeing your primary care doctor to evaluate the cause may be more suitable them seeking a plastic surgeon. 

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