I have had a BL without implants 7 weeks ago. I now have major nipple asymmetry? (photo)

I am disappointed with the results and not sure if this is a normal result for this procedure. My L nipple is 6cm diam and my R is 5cm diam, and they sit very lopsided. My L breast is much larger than my R breast.I had a tear in my stitchline 9 days post op requiring further surgery on my right breast. I have been assured that they will drop level ? What could be the cause of all of this ? Complication or surgical error ?

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I am sorry about your results.

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Althoug you will some improvement with time, I am particularly worried about your right breast? (the one with the higher nipple).  Low nipples are fairly easy to modify, but nipples that are too high are very difficult to lower without unwanted scars.  I would recommend giving this at least six months before considering a revision.  

Looking at some of your prior answers, I think you travelled to Thailand for your surgery.  I do not think you should go back to your first surgeon. 

Breast Lift without Implants

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Thank you for your pictures. This appears to be failure in planning and execution. Based on your before photos you have a lot of droop and excess skin for a lift only. I would have recommended a modest implant and a lift. At this point I would wait at least 3-6 months before entertaining a revision with implants. 

Dr. ES

Too early to tell but a revision will probably be beneficial.

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There will be substantial changes in the appearance of both breasts. I doubt however that the asymmetry will be substantially different when this is complete. Nevertheless give it several months to mature and a revision will be a discussion probably at that time.

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