What is the Cause of my Uneven Eyes? (photo)

I asked this question before but i didn't get the answer i wanted. A few months ago (around October) my eyes were still noticeably even. 6 months later my left eye looks like its opened wider than the left (or maybe my right eye is smaller?). I think what caused it is the eyelid glue i used on my left eye, could it be that caused this? The creases look quite the same at the moment. I've also been using contacts for a year if that's relevant. I'm 18 years old.

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Uneven eyes

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I'm not sure what answer you were looking for when you asked the question previously.  I do not see any glaring difference between your eyes.  Both sides of the face are frequently not exactly the same, so it's not unusual to have some difference from one side to the other.  Wearing contact lenses would not cause your eyes to change shape.  

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