What is the Cause and What Do I Need to Do? 10 Years Post Breast Implants.

ive had my breast implants for 10 years, they are saline placed under the muscle. Ive been having pain in my left breast and I can now feel the implant under my skin next to my nipple. I can also feel some rippling that i didnt feel before. My right brest has also started having some pain and looks like it has started to sag. what is the cause of this and what do need to do?

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Complication for your surgeon to address

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It looks like you may be developing capsular contracture or other complication. See your surgeon to get this fixed.

See your surgeon

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It would be best if you saw your surgeon for a physical examination. You may need to have your implants removed and replaced, even if they haven't ruptured. Best of luck.

Rippling, discomfort and palpable saline implants 10 years after breast augmentation may need replacement.

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Thank you for your question. The symptoms that you describe are not uncommon in saline implants after 10 years. Although I do not think the pain is necessarily related the implants, you should consult a plastic surgeon for an examination. One option 10 years after breast augmentation would be to remove or remove and replace your breast implants.

Pain, rippling and sagging 10 years after breast enlargement.

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Breast pain occurs in patients with and without implants. As a general rule I have found that unless it is early in the post-operative period, or if there is a capsular contracture, the implants is not a likely cause of the discomfort.


As far as the rippling and the sagging, those are most likely the result of breast changes that come with the aging process. It is common to lose breast volume with age, and that will result in less coverage of the implant with natural tissue, making ripples easier to feel (and sometimes see). It will also result in relative excess of skin, contributing to the sagging, 

My suggestion would be that you consult with a plastic surgeon. Often a switch to silicone gel is the best solution to rippling. A breast lift should treat the sagging.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

What to do?

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Sounds as if the implants are migrating due to the fact that the skin evelope is may have stretched out over time. The implants should be fine but the pockets may need to be adjusted.

Natural effects of aging still occur with breast implants

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Ten years after breast augmentation means that you have likely had significant changes in your breasts due to the natural effects of aging. This leads to thinning of the breast gland, making the implants easier to feel. Your complaints of breast pain can be from many causes. It is known that breast implants can cause pain for a variety of reasons such as the natural implant migration that occurs as your pocket stretches. This reason could also account for the sagging.

In our practice we always recommend that women undergo an age appropriate breast cancer screening at least yearly or as recommended by their doctor. After getting a clean bill of health you would then need to explore your options for revision surgery.



The Breast Tissue May be Getting Thinner

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Although there is no substitute for a thorough examination, your symptoms may be due to loss of breast tissue over the implant.

Other factors may include drooping that comes with aging or weight loss, implant deflation or capsule contracture.

You would do well to schedule a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to define the causes and suggest possible solutions.

Breast Changes 10 Years after Breast Augmentation?

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You will be best off seeking consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. What you are describing may be associated with breasts that have changed  secondary to pregnancies and/or weight  fluctuation. Breast implant deflation should also be considered. Again, in-person examination will be in your best interests.

Best wishes.

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