Belotero or Laser or Dermaroller???

Hello Drs. I was wondering what you would suggest for these under eye wrinkles.I used to have really bad allergies and I would rub my eyes terribly.I had a consultation with a Board Certified PS and he is suggesting Belotero. Another suggested fat grafting.Which way do I go? Thank you!xoxo

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Wrinkles under eyes?

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The delicate wrinkles of the lower eyelid can be improved by all of the things mentioned in your question. Belotero is a relatively new hyaluronic acid filler that is ideal for delicate etched lines and can be placed very superficially in the skin without looking like filler was placed there. It's a great way to camouflage the wrinkle.

We do a Fraxel re:pair laser procedure in a way that leaves the skin red, without creating a raw or weeping appearance. It heals to the point of makeup in about 4 days. This will stimulate collagen regeneration. It's ultimately damaged collagen that needs to be repaired for the best improvement.

There is a new option called Dermapen that's giving some nice results. It's a more sophisticated way of performing a dermaroller procedure. 

Fat grafting is not a good way to treat delicate lines and wrinkles. I don't do fat grafting for hollows anymore because it is less predictable than fillers, and once it's done, if it doesn't look good it's very hard to fix. 


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Belotero is probably the only filler that can do great for very delicate creases around the eyes.

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Belotero is excellent to fill in delicate fine lines around the eyes. Fat injections are not done much anymore since they get lumpy and bumpy so easily and don't last well. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Wrinkles under eyes - how to treat

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If your allergies are under control and you no longer rub, then fillers could work well to diminish shadows and lift under the wrinkle. Restylane or Belotero could work and are a simpler process than fat grafting.

As to dermaroller - these are good for helping products penetrate, but for reaching the levels of actually affecting collagen production, you'd need one that penetrates deeply enough to create an actual "injury". (This injury is what stimulates the collagen production).

In any case, I would suggest you only use a deep-penetrating dermaroller device under the direction and supervision of a physician. If you have a tendency toward hyper pigmentation, that type of device could create a bigger problem than it solves.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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