I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago to my stomach, will the bumps and unevenness go away? (photos)

I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago. The indentation in my right flank appeared the next day after my surgery and the bumps/indents on my stomach appeared just a few days ago. I wore my compression garment 24/7 for 20 days but finally took it off because I thought that it was making my right flank indentation worse. Will these go away on their own?

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I had Smart Lipo 3 weeks ago to my stomach, will the bumps and unevenness go away?

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Sorry to tell you the techniques used were not followed as they should have been... Was your surgeon a boarded Plastic Surgeon?? Did you have regular lipo removal of the melted fats? Was your operation under local or Sedation + Local (preferred)... 

3 wks post smartlipo

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At this point you have to let the swelling subside. Some surgeons recommend massage. Best to ask your surgeon what post-op instructions you should follow.

Still healing post procedure

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Thank you for posting a photo on the area. It is completely normal to have unevenness after Smartlipo, this will eventually subside. The lumpiness is due to swelling; please continue to wear your compression garment to help control any swelling that may occur post procedure

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