What is the bump on my nose, and is it worth doing something about it? (photos)

I have a bump on the left side of my nose. I don't remember being hit there or anything. As you can see the bump isn't very noticeable from a profile view. But from a half-profile view you can see it. What is it, and is it worth doing something about it?

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Bump on nose

Short answer- it is not worth doing anything if it does not bother you. 
Long answer - it is likely the nasal bone edge.  As you are aging the bone might be becoming more prominent from growth or from the surrounding tissue becoming thinner.  If you desire is to remove it, the surgery is relatively straight forward.  In your case you would not need to go to sleep if that was all that was being addressed.

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Only you can decide

Nobody has or will ever have a perfect nose.  I suspect your nose looks like someone else's in your family.  If I am wrong, then perhaps you hit it as a young child.  This can result in a bump.  To decide whether or not to do something about it, your nose should be carefully examined and analyzed by a rhinoplasty surgeon.  Achieving and maintaining correct proportions in the nose is important.  I have attached a link with perhaps helpful information. 

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Nasal bump on 3/4 views

The subtle bump on the nose is not actually a true bump but deviation of the nasal bones in one direction. This can happen over time with mild trauma as a small hit that never caused any bleeding or excessive pain and over time the deviation becames noticeable.
Correction will require osteotomies to move the bones back to the midline
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What is the bump on my nose, and is it worth doing something about it?

The "small hump" is easily corrected in a surgery. Best to seek in person opinions from boarded surgeons..  

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Nasal hump removal

There is only a very small hump present and this may be removed by rasping down the bridge line and not require a full rhinoplasty. If the nasal bones are crooked or an open roof deformity is present once the hump was then removed, then osteotomies will be required to be performed on the nasal bones.

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What is the bump on my nose, and is it worth doing something about it?

If the bump bothers you, it is worth doing something about it.  This can be accomplished with a closed Rhinoplasty.

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What is the bump on my nose, and is it worth doing something about it?

If you want it reduced, this can be accomplished through a closed rhinoplasty.

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