How Does the Build Up of Scar Tissue Impact the Narrowing of the Nose?

What are the other complications of scar tissue from an Asian Rhinoplasty?

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Scar tissue effect on nose narrowing

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If the question is, does scar tissue in the tip of the nose make it more difficult to create a sharp tip, then yes, it does make it more difficult. The sharpening effect on Asian rhinoplasty comes mainly from adding tip cartilage support and having the skin redrape around the grafts. Scar tissue is stiff, and will not redrape as nicely.

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Effect of Scar Tissue on Nasal Appearance and Function.

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Thick skin rather than scar tissue is the usual cause of lack of definition post rhinoplasty and restricts our ability to narrow the nose. Scarring within the nose can interfer with normal airflow.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Scar tissue in rhinoplasty

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Ideally in rhinoplasty a new bony and cartilaginous framework is created and the skin then shrinks and molds to this framework to yield the result. Thick scan that may form subcutaneous scar tissue will often not be able to conform to this new framework as well and thus diminish the result. This is especially disappointing to patients who are looking to have a delicate and refined appearance. It can be countered by creating an even stronger framework whose shape will show through thicker skin, careful skin thinning and occasional post op steroid injections. other potential problems are asymmetries and unven areas.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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How Does the Build Up of Scar Tissue Impact the Narrowing of the Nose?

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I am interpreting this as a nasal breathing question. Theoretically, if there is scar formation and contraction in the valve region, nasal airflow could be impeded. From a cosmetic standpoint, there can be scar formation in the tip causing that area to look bulbous. Scar tissue can form also along incision lines. These issues can occur but do not occur in every patient. As with any scar, it takes time to mature as the collagen in the scar is remodelled.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

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