Is the Bridge This High or is It Still too Swollen to Tell? (photo)

This is my 1 week post surgery. I really hate my new nose, the bridge is to high. I really hope its still to swollen. The doctor did ask me right before they put me down to sleep if I wanted high nose or low, I really did not have any time to think so I said high, I was not hoping for something like this. I go to see the doctor tomorrow. Pls tell me is this stuck like this or do I have to give it a more time ?? I think this Im very ugly like this, specially my side profile.

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One week after rhinoplasty - bridge too high

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Since your surgery was only one week ago, it is much too early to be looking at the details of how high your bridge will be.  It is quite possible that the bridge will be lower once the swelling subsides.  Be patient, keep your head elevated and minimize exercise or vigorous activity to help reduce the swelling.  Speak with your surgeon so that he can clarify what he did and how much swelling he feels you have.  Be patient.  Good luck!

Dr. Parham Ganchi - NJ Plastic Surgeon

Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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Edema after dorsal augmentation

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At 1 week after surgery, it's too early to tell.  You certainly still have swelling along your bridge that will need to resolve before you can determine the true height of your dorsum.  Share your concerns with your surgeon, as he/she will be able to give you the best reassurance as only your surgeon knows how much your dorsum was augmented.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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