Has the Brava System Been Used Successfully to Replace Implants AFTER Breast Reconstruction?

Brava wasn't yet available when I had my bilateral with reconstruction (tissue expanders / silicone implants). I haven't seen any discussions of it being used for women who may want to replace their implants through this method and I'm just curious if this is even an option? Have there been any studies on the success of Brava's use following breast reconstruction with implants? Would it restore any sensation? I'm basically happy with my results, but something I may consider down the road. Thank you.

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Brava and breast reconstruction

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The BRAVA system combined with fat injections has been shown to work for some patients that want a revision of their breast reconstruction.  I doubt sensation can be improved after fat injection alone.

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Yes yes and yes

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Implants can be removed and fat can be replaced.   I have published on this.  It works in reconstruction and pain reduction and increased sensation is common.


see my paper published in 2012 december








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