What Are the Benefits of Separating a Bbl and a Tummy Tuck Procedure? (photo)

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should combine a bbl and tummy tuck into one procedure or splitting them up. While I am worried about loose skin if I opt out of the tummy for now, I want my surgeon to be aggressive with the liposuction, especially in the lower back where I have tons of fat and I heard that combining the two procedures limits the amount of liposuction that can be done.I just want the best results overall. What is your opinion? Pics included.

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Circumferential Body Contouring

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Believe there are 2 areas to addressed- the flank-hip complex (seen in posterior view) and the abdominal area. For the front - I think a lipo-abdominoplasty might be an option. This is a procedure wherein liposuction is added to a standard abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) wherein the areas that are not removed - upper abdomen and anterior hip-flank area will be treated with liposuction. Smokers and diabetics have increased risk of wound healing problems. For the back area, liposuction would be an option, but then excess skin laxity becomes an issue and this may have to be removed at a second stage.

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Staged body contouring

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You present with a common problem; excess skin and excess fat but if you remove the excess skin there will be excess fat left. If you do liposuctioning there will be excess skin. If you do both at the same time you will have not as good a result as doing the liposuction first and then the skin removal 6 months later.

In my opinion the best way to treat this is to do aggressive liposuctioning first. Wait at least 6 months and then do the skin removal. An alternative is to do a lower body lift. This can be done as single stage and will re contour the whole torso.

What Are the Benefits of Separating a Bbl and a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

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Based upon the underexposed posted photos and no in person examination my limited surgical plan because of these restrictions is as follows. Stage I Extended top circumferential tummy tuck with limited liposuction of up to 3 liters if the blood loss from this extended operation allows. If lipo is done than a moderate fat graft also. Stage II after 4 to 6 months an aggressive liposuction with more fat grafting as needed for size increase and contouring. I recommend several in person consultations with boarded PSs in your area. Regards 

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