What Are the Benefits of a Mini Face Lift Surgery & a Fraxel Repair Treatment?

I booked for a mini face lift and according to the dr. I would need to wait 6 weeks to get my fraxel- repair treatment for a better results for my wrinkles and my scars. What do you think about this?

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Mini-Facelift and Fraxel Repair

Hi.  This is a common combination in my practice.  The mini-facelift does the major repositioning and the Fraxel takes care of the fine lines and sun damage.  I also wait 5-6 weeks after the surgery to do the layering. This is an excellent combination

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What Are the Benefits of a Mini Face Lift Surgery & a Fraxel Repair Treatment?

 It depends on where you're going to have the Fraxel treatment.  If the Face Lift dressing will be on top of the treated area (very likely), I would not combine these two.  It's safer for you to wait the 6 weeks, 3 months would be even better IMHO.  

 Face Lifts disrupt the blood supply to the skin of the face which is required to heal the skin.  Injuring the skin with a resurfacing treatment like Peel, Laser or Fraxel adds to the injury and can cause skin loss.  This is why these two procedures are separarted.  

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Skin resurfacing is probably best done a couple of weeks after the mini facelift.

With any mini facelift, your face is bandaged for a few days and these dressings can rub or irritate the resurfaced skin whether it is a chemical peel or laser resurfacing. Also the swelling that the resurfacing procedure causes can cause excessive pressure on the suture lines which may separate or open up which lead to less than great scars.  I tend to recommend to my patients to wait 2-3 weeks after facelifts before resurfacing the skin to get the best results with the least risks. Many docs still do them together and do still have great results. Mini facelifts run $6-8500 while chem peels $750-1500. Sincerely,

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Facelift and Laser

I routinely perform full face fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing on my facelift patients. I will not laser over the area on the sides of the cheeks where the surgery was performed, but that is an area of the cheeks that I rarely laser anyway. This is your surgeons preference and he/she knows u best and will make recommendations according to examination findings and personal experience. If you are not convinced, you should discuss this with your surgeon. Enjoy your new look!. 

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Fraxel Repair and Facelift

There are several types of laser methods for fine line reduction.  I have lots of experience with fractionated CO2 lasers.  They can usually be done at the same time as a mini lift.  Every case is different and check with your Facial Plastic Surgeron.


Good luck.




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Mini face lift

Mini facelift will deal with the mid face and jowles only. Remove the excess skin. In the right person it can give a very good results.

I do not believe Fraxell has any significant effect on the ultimate results.

Get a second and third opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

Improving on the skin itself is best treated with medical grade skin care progam and appropriate chemical peels and ot CO2 laser resurfacing.

Samir Shureih, MD
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