Is the Belly Button Positioned Too Low Post TT? (photo)

I had tummy tuck 8 weeks ago and doctor decided not to form a new belly button and pulled the tissue down. It looks that it's sitting close to the pubic area. What is your opinion? Thank you.

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Displeasure with Belly Button Placement after Tummy Tuck

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Your description of the Tummy Tuck performed on you suggests it was a Mini-Tummy Tuck. Although having more photos would have been more helpful, your only photo with the hanging skin folds on the sides suggests you may have been better served with a Full Tummy Tuck.  This may be improved with another procedure. 

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck - Is the Belly Button Positioned Too Low Post TT?

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Without seeing your before photos it is hard to make an absolute determination regarding the "quality" of the surgery you had but my sense is that you might have been able to wind up with a better result than what you have now.  It seems like you actually had a modified or mini-TT whereas you might have benefited from a full or more traditional TT.  But I can't say that for sure.

On the other hand, you may be able to improve the result you already have with a revision.  Even thinning out the flaps you have now (the tissue above the horizontal incision) may improve your contour dramatically.  I would probably suggest waiting until about 6 months after your surgery but, assuming you have the same appearance, you may be able to get a better appearance.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Is the Belly Button Positioned Too Low Post TT?

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I am not sure whether the belly button is positioned too low...if it is roughly in line with your hips bones, it may be in the proper position.  I am more concerned that the scar is too high and it has pulled your pubic hair up too high and too close to the belly button.  It looks like you may have had just a lower tummy tuck.  More importantly, it looks like you have not had a greatly effective tummy tuck.  I also wonder whether your surgeon was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and experienced at planning and executing a tummy tuck.  It also appears that your weight is perhaps a bit higher (and thus the fatty layer thicker) than an ideal tummy tuck candidate.

Belly Button Position after Tummy Tuck

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Without seeing your before pictures, it is hard to give you specific advice.  At first glance at your picture, it looks  like you need a tummy tuck, not that you have already had one.  As for belly button position, it really depends on your anatomy and where it was located before the procedure.  If you feel the top of your hip bone on your sides, the belly button should be very close to this level.


Good Luck.

Your results could have been better

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As Dr.Rand stated your results could have been better. Your belly button is one the things that could have been better.

Position of belly button and tummy tuck

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Thanks for your inquiry.  My first concern would be are you happy with the overall result at all.  I am not sure without seeing a before picture, but there are many issues of incision location, skin excess, as well as the belly button position which affect your result.  You need to have a frank discussion with your surgeon about your results.

Questionable tummy tuck result

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Did you go to a real plastic surgeon?  Unfortunately, there are non-plastic surgoens out there doing TT's who don'y know how to do a full TT.  I have to say that I think you still have what looks like extra skin in your photo and I imagine you could have gotten more out of the TT with a lower scar.  I can't say for sure but it also looks like you might have just had a mini TT without a scar around the bb.  This is all just from the photos but it is what I am seeing in them.

Revision tummy tuck works well.

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In general you do not have a satisfactory result, and you can be made to look better.  The belly button is low.  More importantly, you have loose excess skin and fat which can be trimmed to give you a flat stomach.  But I would not do anything for another three months.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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