Can the Band Be Removed and Another Procedure Done, or is This to High Risk?

I am 65yrs old had a band put on my stomach aprox. 25yrs ago. Worked well for a few yrs now weight is back. I still vomit when I eat certain foods ,sometimes no mater what I eat and I generally have acid reflux every night.

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Conversion From Lap Band To Another Procedure

Revision surgery is rapidly becoming a common procedure as patients with unsuccessful lap bands are seeking revision to sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or duodenal switch. Typically, in the absence of a major slippage or erosion, a lap band can be removed in the same setting of a revision procedure. Note, that revision surgeries carry a higher complication rate, particularly leaks. Please consult with your bariatric surgeon to carefully consider a revision. A band placed 25 years ago is most likely a permanent band and that carries an even higher complication rate, as compared to a temporary band, such as a the lap band.

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