Lap Band surgery in Mexico and vomiting for years. 5 yrs later I had liquid removed. I can't eat most things, what should I do?

I cant still eat breads meat most things I eat and live on chocolate I still hurt when I eat I just cant thtow up as easy as I used to. I had a docyor remove liquid he said there wasnt much in it. And was suprised I throw up so ofton I only had liquid 1 time put in it and was 5 years of not eating im now gsining even though I dont eat food I know its chocolate at night and mash potatoes is my most meals what should I do?

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Scar tissue and slips

Sometimes you need to have the band unbuckled and the scar tissue under the band removed (lysed). That will give your stomach a break for a bit and a couple of months later have the band re-buckled. In that way you can get back to weight loss. 
Good luck

Scottsdale Bariatric Surgeon
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Vomiting and lapband

If you keep vomiting after the band has been empty, it may have slipped or may be band intolrance. Encourage you to see a bariatric surgeon and have it removed or have pulled it up if yes.

Sehoon Kang, MD
South Korea Bariatric Surgeon
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Vomiting with lapband in spite of removal of all fluid

If your Band is too tight even with all the fluid removed, it may have slipped.  It really doesn't matter, since the band should be removed no matter what the cause.  Ignoring the problem puts you at risk for permanent damage to your esophagus.  Don't delay; see a qualified bariatric surgeon and have it removed.

Mark Pleatman, MD
Bloomfield Hills Bariatric Surgeon
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