Had Implants Removed with Lift, Will Nipple Band Improve? (photo)

After explanting for level 4 capsules and getting a lopipop lift my breasts are misshapen. I have a 'band' under the nipple area which doesn't seem right. I am 11 weeks post op- what is my prognosis? Do I have any hope of small but nicely formed breasts? Will they drop.

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Breast deformity after implant removal

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Having breast implants in place and then having them removed certainly causes changes to the breast architecture.  The deformity you are describing and have demonstrated with your photos is not entirely surprising, however it will likely significantly improve over the next six months (which you have likely been told by the operating surgeon).  There may be additional procedures that will be necessary in the future to improve the overall look of your breasts, if you are not considering placing implants back in the breasts.

other options may include:

  • breast fat grafting (adding fat that is harvested from other body areas to improve the overall shape /contour
  • scar revision - removing excess skin to further improve the breast shape / appearance

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