What is the Average Time Doctor Recommend to Wear a Compression After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

What is the recommended time to wear a compression garmet after a brazilian butt lift? Does this differ in terms of the amount of time that it is used for liposuction? Does the butt need extra support after the 4 week period?

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Compression Garment Guidelines after Surgery

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Although guidelines for post-operative use of compression garments vary from surgeon to surgeon, I recommend that my buttock augmentation/lift patients wear their garments for at least 4 weeks. This time period gives the body enough time to heal sufficiently so that the compression garment is no longer needed. It is very important to wear these garments for the recommend time as they provide support to the skin and underlying tissues during healing. Be sure to check with your surgeon regarding his or her recommendations for your post-surgical garments.

Your postoperative care should ALWAYS be directed by the surgeon who did your surgery

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Hi there-

While getting an answer here may be easier and more convenient that calling your surgeon's office, I'm sure your surgeon would be sad to learn you were asking these questions online.


Your surgeon is the one invested in your outcome and with a firm understanding of what was done to you- please call them.

How long does one wera a compression garment after the BBL?

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A compression garment is routinely worn after a BBL. Different surgeons have different techniques regarding the surgery as well as the postop care. You need to follow the advice of your surgeon and you should not deviate from it. You had the cofidence to choose your particular surgeon, so you should have confidence in his( her ) postop care regimen. Good luck!

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How long should you wear your garment after the Brazilian Butt Lift....?

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This is one of those questions that you need to ask the surgeon who did your surgery.  We all have different techniques and different recommendations.   If a patient of mine were to ask this question on here and get a recommendation to do something different than I recommend, and then not get a good result, then I think both I and you would be very disappointed.   I have been doing this procedure for about 15 years now and have never had anyone come back unhappy with their results.  I have a very specific routine that I have my patients follow and I spend a lot of time going over this with my patients.  Hopefully your surgeon also has excellent results with this procedure and hopefully they tell you what they recommend so that you get the best results that they can provide.

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