What is the average cost of cheek/chin implants in Houston?

Im really considering getting both chin and malar cheek implants to add definition to my face, I have flat cheekbones and underdeveloped chin and im wondering what the average cost would be to get these both implanted during one visit? Also, can these be performed under local anesthesia to cut unnecessary costs? Thank you.

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Cost of check implants in Houston

The procedures  for cheek implants vary based on the three most common procedures and the patients needs.
Firstly,temporary cheek enhancement can be accomplished with fillers that can last from 8 months to two years. this is the lease expensive and can range from 1500$ to 4000$.  Voluma-thenew HA filler promises to be the material of choice since it can removed or adjusted with an enzyme injection if the patient feels it is to prominent.
   The second approach is based on the use of cheek implants or Submalar implants which i prefer and have used for over 20 years.  This approach is best for permanent effects that are chosen for persons with poor bone structure.. This procedure varies in cost but has an average cost of 5-6000$.
   Lastly, the most natural and also permanent proceedure for most patients due to the aging process is the use of Fat Cell transplants with Stem Cell Growth factors.  This gives the most natural result and is accomplished under local anesthesia with a rapid recovery.  The results I have seen in my patients for up to 8 years have shown this to be a long lasting and natural process that also dramtically enhances the skin quality of the midface as well., something the other procedures do not do.  You can find more information on this procedure on the internet under if you search my name under the topic Stem Cell Facelift.

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Cheek and chin implant cost

A combination of cheek and chin implants should best be done under general anesthesia  for patient safety and comfort. Both implants can be inserted at the same time. Cheek and chin implants are composed of Silastic, are manufactured in a  variety of sizes and shapes which is best determined on the consultation. For many examples  and for more information, please see the link below

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