What is the approximate cost of Ultherapy in the Miami area for 2013?

Prices vary from office to office and it is difficult to locate a preeminent doctor's office since websites each applaud themselves. The non-MD technician's expertise who will give ulthera can never be checked except that she/he has had 8 hours of training. What's the median cost?

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Ultherapy cost

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Ultherapy typically costs between 3-4 thousand if appropriate lines of treatment are delivered. The device is expensive and the cost per line of treatment is expensive. If all recommended lines are performed, it should cost in this range. You are paying for experience and the large fixed costs of the device and transducer (disposable device costs). 

Cost of Ultherapy

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Cost of Ultherapy will vary by area and exprience of the clinic staff, however there are fixed disposable costs that limit how low the treatment can be.If you see a price that is much lower than the competition, then you should question the quality of the treatment (number of lines, etc.)

Roy A. David, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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