Will the appearance of my breasts improve?

I had tuberous asymmetrical breasts and chose to have corrective surgery about seven weeks ago. My surgeon suggested a 275cc silicone under the muscle implant on the size with the larger breast, and a 375cc implant for the smaller breast. I also received a mastopexy which I believe is a breast lift on the side with the larger breast. So far though, I am really unhappy with my results. The area underneath my breasts is still very firm, I still have slight pain and discomfort, both breasts are oddly shaped, one areola is much bigger than the other and my breasts are much smaller than my 5'10 frame could have accommodated. My question is - will they improve with time or should I start saving for a revision? Do surgeons ever discount a revision surgery if a patient is very unhappy with the result? 

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Asymmetry of Breasts

Tuberous breast deformity is one of the most significant challenges in cosmetic breast surgery.  The reality it that sometimes it does take more than one operation to achieve the most symmetrical results.  I would continue to give it time, and also continue a dialogue with your plastic surgeon about when and how your breasts could be revised in the future.  Many plastic surgeons will reduce their surgery fees for revisions.

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Time changes breast appearance

Yes, your breast appearance will improve in time.  However, you will need a revision.  The revision can be done through a circumareola approach.  The goal is to lift your breast tissue higher on the chest wall to increase your cleavage and upper pole fullness.  The implant size may be appropriate.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Will My Breast Appearance Improve

First, you are very early on in the post-op period after a difficult procedure.  Your breast appearance will continue to change for at least 6 months after your procedure.  Wait to judge the final cosmesis until that time.  Then decide on whether you want a revision.

Many surgeons do discount revisions, but you need to discuss this with your surgeon to find out.

In your case it does appear like you will want a revision, so you may want to start saving.


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Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)

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Breast asymmetry

At this point you have to give it time to heal.  You may eventually go on to have a revision for what most likely was a difficult procedure. Good luck.

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Breast asymmetry can be well corrected.


If you are not happy now, you will probably need a revision. Symmetry of the breasts and of the areolas can be improved, and larger implants can be inserted.  The top of your right breast looks a little empty,

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Discounting revision surgery

I personally discount repeat procedures. I want my patients to be happy. Tuberous breast deformity is very dificult to correct. It is very important to establish expectations and clarify limitations before surgery. I am sorry that you are so disappointed. Without a preop photo, it is impossible to determine how much improvement you have obtained. Be patient;byou are very early in the healing process.

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