What's the best and least risky way to remove scar tissue just inside the nostril opening?

I had a secondary rhinoplasty almost 2 years ago. The one problem was a stitch just inside the left nostril that didn't seem to be dissolving. My surgeon was wary to touch it for awhile because she used it to make my nose more upturned, and didn't want to risk changing the shape. She was convinced it would eventually dissolve. We recently tried removing the bump in office and at first it looked a lot better. But the bump grew back. Scared to cut again. Is there anything I can do?

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Excise the bump

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I'm quite sure that at this point the sutures are not doing anything in terms of holding the nose in an upturned position.  So taking it/them out should not be an issue with your appearance.  It sounds like a slightly more aggressive attempt at removal might do the trick.

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